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marQuee Intergrated Business Solution


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marQuee® - Setting the path, that others follow

marQuee® is an integrated modular all in one solution.  Some of marQuee available modules include the following capabilities - contact management, file management, accounts management, Retail life & income insurance administration, group life & salary continuance insurance policy administration, Employee Benefit insurance policy administration, reporting and administration System. 

marQuee®  Solution suite allows for straight through processing of information whether it is from a desktop, internal network, cloud, web or mobile technologies. 

This allows for managing and storing of information on individuals and companies.  It can also manage files and documents related to each of the companies or individuals and other entities added into marQuee®.

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marQuee® Solutions Suite is flexible enough to allow you to grow from 1 member up to a billion or more members with no need for a system upgrade.

marQuee® Solutions Suite is also flexible enough to allow you to grow from a single user up to 1000+ concurrent users with no need for a system upgrade.


marQuee® Solutions suite is flexible enough to easily allow the customisation to add new products, features, functions and rules, that allow you to keep up with the additional requirements due to changing regulations, business models, environments and their requirements.

marQuee® is flexible enough to be easily customised to allow for the expansion into the other business sector. 

Add More Value

marQuee® Solutions Suite can add value to your customers. It can be customised to offer your clients the ability to view their own information and if you wish allowing your customers to update or administer their own details.

Business modules to incorporate other business/industry sectors administration and management requirements
From Desktop, Laptop, Web, Cloud and mobile technologies – Client Self Service, BYOD
Enhanced file and document storage & management
ConnectBusiness connectivity using cloud solutions
Share information by integrating and interfacing to existing Applications.
DistributeDistribute processing and application load over multiple processors or servers.
ReportDesign your own reports  

Reduce Operational costs

marQuee® Solutions suite is a high capacity solution that allows you to reduce your administration and operational costs while delivering better service to your customers.

  • Eliminate the need for physical document storage
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase response times
  • Reduce Processing Cycles
  • Value Add to Customers 
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marQuee® modules

There are multiple modules for marQuee

  • marQuee® Application Server (MAS)
  • marQuee® Business
  • marQuee® Risk
  • marQuee® Filer
  • marQuee® Assembla

for description of these modules see below.      

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  • marQuee® Application Server (MAS) – the engine, handles all application operations between users and an organisations backend business applications or databases. It is a middleware technology which is used to integrate multiple aspects of different applications. This allows for the sharing of information and data across multiple applications and environments.

MAS is developed with application, data and load distribution across multiple databases and servers in mind. It allows for validation and business logic/rules to be centralised or distributed, as required, so as to implement them once and reuse in multiple instances or applications. Allows for integrated application solutions across multiple connected technologies and environments.

  • desktop / laptop / workstation
  • client / server
  • mobile technologies
  • cloud technology
  • web technology

MAS supports high-end needs, which has been built with redundancy and high-availability, high-performance and application distribution in mind. This allows small, medium and enterprise organisations expand their needs and applications to suit. 

MAS allows for straight through processing of data / information whether it is from a desktop, internal network, cloud, web or mobile technologies. 

MAS also allows for 

  • presentation layer integration - this allows for many different applications to be used as a single application with a common user interface (UI).
  • business process integration - this layer has the logical business processors that is required by the applications to undertake the required actions in a workflow.  This allows companies to identify and apply how each of the integrated applications will interact.
  • data integration - Since all the applications are integrated  the applications can reuse, understand  and/or exchange data from other applications which reduces inconsistencies and the business processes become more efficient.
  • communication integration - underlying the business and data integration is the communication level.  This allows for communication from external applications.  MAS has an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for external applications to transfer and exchange information and integrate with marQuee.
  • marQuee® Business, is an Integrated Contact (business’ & people) Management and Administration Software Application, with Flexible Data Capabilities allowing the user to transact business between unlimited distribution networks, independent or captive and to capture and maintain full details of businesses, people and business personnel and other in-depth information. This allows users to access and collect data about any person, business or entity, which comes into contact with your company, in one centralised location.
  • marQuee® Risk, is an all in one solution that incorporates a Client Management and Administration System with integrated aspects for Retail, Group, Employee Benefits, Salary Continuance, Life & Income Protection and Master Trust Policies, and is designed to facilitate and streamline the business administration & management processes for Group, Employee Benefits, member policies, manufacturing of rates, distribution of products, underwriting, customer care, claims processing, retail, group and wholesale policy information, file & document management and risk policy management and administration.  Application to Re-Insurers, Insurers, Carriers, Underwriters, Dealers, Agents, Advisors and Broker firms.
  • marQuee® Filer, is a File & Document Management application. This allows users to manage and attach all their documents and files against multiple types of entities.

marQuee®  Filer is a Windows based files and document management application. Filer makes it extremely easy to create a centralized, searchable database of your paper as well as electronic files and documents.

marQuee® Filer allows the scanning of paper documents using a scanner or you can attach electronic documents and files such as Excel files, Word documents, etc... to quickly build your database.  With the ability to save documents in their own format or as PDF, TIFF or JPEG files. 

marQuee® Filer can be

  • used as file & document storage application allowing the searching, storing, viewing and printing of files and documents
  • integrated within your existing software applications to allow them to have the power of storing, searching, viewing and printing business partners, customers’ or any other files and documents
  • used within marQuee® Business or marQuee® Risk

giving further power to users, while creating a centralised file and document repository. 

  • marQuee® Assembla, is a Windows based adhoc reporting tool which uses any reporting engine that you feel comfortable with, for example: reportbuilder, crystal reports, fast reports, etc…  The requested engine or combinations thereof can be incorporated into marQuee® Assembla.

marQuee® Assembla can also be integrated within other applications, whether proprietary or developed by your in-house applications.

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