nuage ui

Cloud Application Solutions


Reduce Risk

Organistation can reduce the risk of moving their Windows applications to the cloud

Increase Business Value

Increase business value by leveraging off the investment that has been made in the exisiting Windows applications.

Minimise Disruption

Minimise disruption to the business and users by maintaining a business as usual approach. 

Accelerate Transition

Nuage UI allows companies to accelerate the transition of the applications to the cloud.

Reduce T.C.O.

Total Cost of Ownership is reduced with your exisiting Windows desktop applications as the source code is reused and enhanced. 

Maintain Productivity

Maintain business as usual and productivity while reusing and enhancing the Windows desktop applications. 

Key Features

  • Minimise disruption to business and users
  • reducing the cost of turning your existing applications into cloud applications
  • reducing the cost of migrating the applications to the cloud
  • reducing the requirement to alter the business, system and validation rules and processes of the applications
  • reducing the requirement for user training
  • reducing deployment time
  • reducing the need for new documentation
  • technology can be applied to existing and legacy Windows applications
  • mitigating migration risk as the applications functionality and structure will remain primarily the same
  • enhancing the user’s capability and experience
  • extending the life of the applications
  • extending the applications reach
  • no client software to install, setup or configure
  • cross operating system (o/s) and cross browser capability
  • web enabled and integrated windows applications


Accelarate Deployment
to Cloud

Reduce Business

Increase Business

Reduce Migration