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Nuage UI

Modernising and Transforming existing Windows Applications to a cloud Application

EIS Australia has the technological solution and knowledge of cloud application development to empower the transformation of your existing Windows-based applications to a cloud solution. You existing Windows application can be modernised to become a full web integrated cloud based application.

EIS Australia Application Interface eXchange (AIeX) takes advantage of the latest technologies such as;

  • HTML5
  • Remote Objects – Java
  • JSON
  • Javascript
  • marQuee Application Service framework

to empower the modernisation of your windows applications, whether they are desktop, client/server and/or multi-tiered based applications, to the cloud.

This transformation of your windows application to a modern cloud application can be delivered in dual-mode for the Windows Desktop and Web/Cloud (HTML5) environments.

The modernisation of the existing Windows application to cloud allows us to maintain the standard desktop look and feel and also keep its standard desktop behaviour so as the user experience is similar to what they are used to. Or if you wish we can enhance the application’s user experience to fully integrate the application user interface within the browser.

The requirement is the availability of a full re-compliable source code of your Windows Applications so as we can assist you in leverage the investment already applied when the existing applications were initially developed.

EIS Australia can modernise and transform your Windows applications to a cloud application that have been programmed using the following development technologies;

  • Microsoft Windows Win32 GDI/GDI+/DirectX calls
  • ActiveX library interfacing applications
  • C++
  • C#
  • Delphi
  • Visual Basic
  • VB.NET

and many other compatible programming languages and development technologies.

Once the modernisation has been completed an end user will be able to use;

  • any operating system (desktop, laptop or mobile – Android, iOS & Windows) which has an HTML5 compliant web browser
  • any mobile device (Android Phone & Tablets, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone & Tablets) which has an HTML5 compliant web browser
  • any HTML5 compliant web browser (IE11+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge and many more browsers).


  • reducing the cost of turning your existing applications into cloud applications
  • reducing the cost of migrating the applications to the cloud
  • reducing the requirement to alter the business, system and validation rules and processes of the applications (as one knows when an application is completely redeveloped some of the important rules and processes are lost and have to be rediscovered which can take time and increase costs and risk)
  • reducing the requirement for user training
  • reducing deployment time
  • reducing the need for new documentation
  • technology can be applied to existing and legacy Windows applications
  • mitigating migration risk as the applications functionality and structure will remain primarily the same
  • enhancing the user’s capability and experience
  • extending the life of the applications
  • extending the applications reach
  • no client software to install, setup or configure
  • cross operating system (o/s) and cross browser capability
  • web enabled and integrated  windows applications 


The modernised application can be deployed on

  • your network environment
  • your private or public cloud environment
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • EIS Australia's Cloud
  • marQuee Cloud

and other compliant cloud providers.

Contact us to reshape your windows applications for the web / cloud.

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