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Providing Innovative Solutions

EIS Australia constantly review the technological solutions being provided and always strive to provide the elite cutting-edge application design & development business solutions and managed IT services to achieve total client satisfaction and value added business solutions.  We innovate to achieve the best possible business outcome for our clients.

Following is a sample of software applications available for use either which can be customised for your requirements or as implemented as is on your environment or as Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution. 

Application Information & Management Solution (AIMS)

AIMS is an solution which allows the integration of multiple applications into a single interface. Applications developed using AIMS can have centralised or decentralised. All the data can be combined a single SQL database or each application can have its own separate user interface and database.

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nuage UI - Application Interface eXchange (AIeX)

Transforms existing Windows desktop applications to Cloud applications.

EIS Australia has the technological solution and knowledge of cloud application development to empower the transformation and reshaping of your existing Windows-based applications to a cloud application solution. Your existing Windows desktop applications can be modernised to become a full web integrated cloud based application.

If you have exisiting Windows applications in C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, Delphi and other development lanuages we can assist you in leveraging your investment in the applications by transforming your existing Windows desktop applications to a modern cloud application.  Which can be used on any device that has an HTML5 compliant browser.

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Concessions Information Management System (CIMS)

EIS Australia designs, develops, customises, maintains and continues to support the CIMS solution for Smart Service Queensland (SSQ).  

SSQ use CIMS to administer and manage one off assistance to Utility / Energy customers that cannot pay their utility account.  CIMS assists SSQ personnel in processing of HEEAS & MCHECS schemes.

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Franchising Information Tracking Solution (FITS)

FITS was created to assist lawyers who are committed to their franchising clients to manage their clients franchise portfolio.  It has a built in file & document management and timeline solution. 

FITS is a cost effective solution which allows for the capture and maintenance of your client franchise information.  It also allows you and your clients to keep track of updated information and access to the latest documents associated with their franchise. 

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Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS) Mailbox

HEEAS Mailbox was designed and developed to assist the Queensland Utility (Electricity & Gas) companies administer and manage the Utility Customers, which require assistance in paying their bills.  The customer information would then be submitted electronically to the Smart Service Queensland (SSQ) Concessions Unit. 

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marQuee® Solution Suite (marQuee®)

marQuee® is an integrated modular all in one solution.  Some of marQuee available modules include the following capabilities - contact management, file management, accounts management, life & income insurance administration, group life & salary continuance insurance administration, Employee Benefit insurance administration, reporting and administration System.

marQuee®  Solution suite allows for straight through processing of information whether it is from a desktop, internal network, cloud, web or mobile technologies.   

This allows for managing and storing of information on individuals and companies.  It can also manage files and documents related to each of the companies or individuals and other entities added into marQuee®.

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Utility Relief Grants Information System (URGIS)

EIS Australia designs, develops, customises, maintains and continues to support the URGIS solution for Department of Human Services (DHS) Victoria.  

DHS use URGIS to administer and manage assistance to Utility (Electricity, Gas & Water) customers that cannot pay their utility account - URGS, Non-main URGS, Homewise / Capital Grants, Sewerage Grants and Water & Municipal Authority claims.

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Utility Relief Grants Scheme (URGS) Mailbox

URGS Mailbox is a cloud based application that allows Victorian Utility Companies (Electricity, Gas & Water) administer and submit to Department of Human Services (DHS) Victoria, customers requesting assistance as they are having difficulty in paying the utility bills.

The utility customers details are submitted electronically and integrated within the URGIS integrated application.

URGS Mailbox is continually being enhanced and features being expanded into new directions.

URGS Mailbox is hosted and managed at EIS Australia's cloud environment.

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Venue and Room Booking System (VaRBS)

VaRBS was developed and designed as a cloud based solution that allows the management and administration of booking a venue or conference room for your clients.

At a glance you can see if the venue or room has been booked or is free.  Your clients can self-book via a web form which will warn them if the venue or room is already booked.

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