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Application Intergration Solution


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Application Information & Management Solution (AIMS)

AIMS is an all in one solution which allows the integration of multiple applications into a single interface. Applications developed using AIMS can have centralised or decentralised user interface or SQL database.

The applications developed within AIMS can share data and processors across different applications.  This reduces application design, development and deployment time.

AIMS allows for 

  • presentation layer integration - this allows for many different applications to be used as a single application with a common user interface (UI).
  • business process integration - this layer has the logical business processors that is required by the applications to undertake the required actions in a workflow.  This allows companies to identify and apply how each of the integrated applications will interact.
  • data integration - is another layer of AIMS. Since all the applications are integrated the applications can reuse, understand  and/or exchange data from other applications which reduces inconsistencies and the business processes become more efficient.
  • communication integration - underlying the business and data integration is the communication level.  This allows for communication from external applications; such as Mailbox.  AIMS mailbox has Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for external applications to transfer and exchange information.

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