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Franchise Information Tracking Solution (FITS)

FITS is a streamlined cloud based / online, Software as a Service, solution which was created to assist lawyers who are committed to their franchising clients to manage their clients franchise portfolio and information.  It has a built in file & document management and timeline solution. 

FITS is a cost effective solution which allows for the capture and maintenance of your client franchise information.  It also allows you and your clients to keep track of updated information and access to the latest documents associated with their franchise. 

Only authorised users are able to access the information and only their own information is viewable by your clients.

FITS was designed and developed using the proven technology of marQuee Application Server (MAS) as its foundation.

Some of FITS key features include:

  • the ability for uploading instructions to sign up new franchisees
  • allows for the recording of a timeline of all stages of the transaction, which your clients can access via an internet browser at any time
  • the ability for clients to leave instructions
  • file & document management
  • Updated information of all franchisees in your clients portfolio
  • Allows direct access to copies of your franchise and premises documents and agreements
  • Secure with proprietary and SSL 256 encryption.

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