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Aligning Technology and Business Needs

EIS Australia adapts to the continuous change which is the driving force of the business process.

EIS Australia continually looks to the future, growing with clients to continue serving their evolving needs. The company seeks to be at the forefront of new technology, to provide state of the art products while continually improving its own processes.

EIS Australia focus in Information Technology is based on a combination of managed IT services and the bespoke/custom development of software, mobile, web, cloud and database applications. Business data and connectivity is prevalent. Our software applications solutions bring together individual items from disparate sources, presenting them as valuable information. Powerful software and IT services with sophisticated architectures can deliver the required results, on the desktop, server, mobile, web and cloud technologies, when and where it is needed.

EIS Australia uses a wide range of tools to provide custom solutions to each client, based on a definition of the requirement and involving the client in all aspects of the planning and strategy of the IT services and the application development process. With an emphasis on a combination of power and ease of use, our products are recognised throughout the industry for the standards against which others are measured.


Our clients are our business. Assisting your business to grow and be successful through information technology is our objective.

It is the wish of EIS Australia to build and be successful on the basis of its commercial and professional track record supplying high quality, professional information technology services and products.

Recognising the role of information technology has changed and become more significant in today’s business environment and the benefit of the custom solutions to maximise client information management and connectivity.

EIS Australia strives to build its business around software development of specialised applications and managed IT services, and to build strong client relations for continued growth through quality service and responsive support.

Quality is a fundamental of all business activity

EIS Australia is committed to the principles and practices underpinning the quality assurance framework. Our Methodology clearly demonstrates our desire for quality and to manage EIS Australia business activities in a transparent and structured manner, assuring our clients of a ‘Quality’ outcome.


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