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EIS Australia - About Us


Mezzanine Level, 500 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000


Telephone: +61 3 9663 2422
Facsimile:   +61 3 9663 0320


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Enterprise Information Solutions Australia as EIS Australia is an independent, wholly owned Australian company. EIS Australia is a business integrating a team of professional personnel to deliver specialised I.T. solutions to clients across a wide range of business sectors. The principle members collectively contribute more than 120 years of IT experience and sound business knowledge. Enterprise Information Solutions Australia (EIS Australia). The role of EIS Australia is the development and support of small to large scale, technically advanced projects, and also its role of providing long term support to its existing and growing client base.

Our success results from the company’s adherence to principles of professionalism, independence and commitment to the delivery of timely and quality results. Company personnel strive to maintain the following standards:

  • all deliverable’s must be developed to the highest standards of quality.
  • client needs and requirements must be met and satisfied across all project dimensions, and must be regarded as the ultimate goal.
  • ongoing support and maintenance services must be of exceptional standard.

As a consequence of our expertise, our client base continues to grow and now involves the industry sectors of insurance, health, banking, telecommunications, union management utilities and government; many clients gained through referral to our renowned provision of service and support. We ensure that our clients receive a product of outstanding quality and functionality, at levels beyond accepted industry standard. The Company has developed a methodology that focuses on the delivery of a system solution that meets each client’s requirements, is on time and within budget.

EIS Australia has established a reputation for the development of functional and user-friendly applications - an essential ingredient for productivity increases and rapid adoption by clients.

Our efforts serve to maximise your business strengths through use of efficient, user-friendly and quality technological solutions

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